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Light My Fire

Light My Fire

As we are all well aware by now, whatever Mother Earth provides us is not to be taken for granted. Every time you visit a beach, or a mountain, or just take a stroll in a forested area, you feel like taking in more deep breaths because every breath feels so fulfilling and refreshing to you. Won’t you want this feeling to stay intact for the people who come after you? This is exactly what sustainability is. Meeting our own needs and wants without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs and wants. 

For this, we can all make slight changes in our daily life choices. It's as simple as that!

That’s why, we at The Style Salad are  proud to launch our very own in-house product, the SAND - Vanilla Lime & Orange and SLATE - Frosted Berries candles, to its exclusive selection of products.

We are super excited about the launch of this product, and here’s why!

Created by the local artisans of Chennai, these candles come in Earthly Dual tone ceramic holders and have an inbuilt matchstick holder on the side too. They will perfectly perk up whatever room they are put in or maybe even make that dinner date set-up you created for your partner even more romantic.

And what's even better? Every time you have to light the candles, you don’t have to worry about having a lighter or fretting about where the matchbox is. Our artisans have designed these candles in the most sustainable way anyone can. On the side of each one of these ceramic candle holders, you will find a strip of a matchstick striker. All you have to do is, run the matchstick that the matchstick holder is conveniently holding for you, against the striker, and voila!

Sand - This candle is fragranced with vanilla and notes of lime & orange blended with sweet vanilla finish and nestled in a ceramic bowl that is half, a calm shade of brown and half, a peaceful shade of white. The matchstick holder gracefully holds the matchsticks. 

Slate -This candle is fragranced with forested berries with notes of fresh berries and creamy praline and comes in a completely matt black ceramic holder. 

So how are they sustainable, you wonder?

Each of these candles come in ceramic holders. Ceramic is biodegradable and is made from clay and other earth materials, so when they eventually get broken down, they meld with the soil and pose absolutely no harm.

But here is the best part, you don’t have to throw these away just because the candle has completely been used up. They can be recycled as a toothpick holder and olive bowl or a pen stand for your office desk or a paintbrush holder for your artist’s desk or even a toothbrush holder for your bathroom. Use your own imagination because these pretty jars are here to stay! 

What’s more? 

They are not just sustainable, they are stylish as well! 

(Totally our preferred combination of how a product should be!) 

Being sustainable doesn’t mean going all no-plastic monk because let’s be honest, that is almost next to impossible by now. But what we can do in our own little way is, whenever there is a choice, we try and take the more sustainable one.

So, gift these lovely handmade ceramic candles to yourself or your loved ones. 

Know that, you my friend, are contributing a little towards a better and more sustainable environment with this purchase. And for now, that’s more than enough. 

And until our next environmental friendly and awesome product, just remember this;

People may come and people may go, but our ceramic holder candles live on forever! :P

Stay sustainable, stay stylish! 

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