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Mother's Day Gifting Guide

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Like all things, the way we all have celebrated Mother’s Day too has evolved over the years. From drawing stick figures with crayons on a page and writing ‘The best mom ever’ to making pretty hand-made cards, and finally today, where, amongst the meetings and constant video conferences, we barely have the time to call our mothers and wish them.
Yes, not all changes are propitious.

But this Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be the same.
We at the Style Salad know the importance of a mother-child relationship and want to help you celebrate it in every possible way, of course, with a splash of pizzazz!

This Mother’s Day, ditch the laptop and just be as nutty as a fruitcake (cake idiom intended :P)! With our DIY Cakes, Cookies and Brownies Mix, enjoy whipping up some of the most decadent, gooey and sinfully delicious for your mom! If you and your mother are the baking-duo then trust us, this is literally ‘The One’ for you guys. In this you’ll get a Chocolate Cake Mix or a Vanilla Cake Mix or a Chocolate Brownie Mix or Cookie Mix. Phew! Talk about baking up a storm in the kitchen!

Are you guys strong believers of the ‘Look good, feel good’ mantra?
So, are we!  You take care of the ‘feel good’ part, leave the rest to us. With the wide range of aprons we have, we’ll ensure that you guys will cook in style! From illustrated aprons to aprons that say happiness is homemade, we know how you feel. So, while you and your mother rock these aprons and make delicious chocolate cakes and vanilla cakes AND chocolate brownies (oh the mouth waters every time!), remember that The Style Salad is on Instagram too, so tag us in all those #OhSoLovely photos!

Ah but wait. Do you have something more classy and quieter in mind?
Don’t worry, we are mind-readers! We have you covered. With our Galentine Gift Box, you’ll have everything you need for the classy day that you have planned. And hey, please don’t go by the name of the box. I mean, come on! Can a mother and a daughter not be BFFs and enjoy two glasses of wine in our Rose Gold Wine Glasses and enjoy our Rose Almond Dragees? Of course they can! Imagine this; you and your mom, sipping wine from the glasses and enjoying those Rose Almond Dragees while watching Freaky Friday (or The Gilmore Girls, or the Bird Box, or Brooklyn 99, ahh! so many things to watch... Netflix is your oyster my friend!). Pure Bliss, isn’t it? In the box, you’ll also get a Cranberry Ginger or Orange Cinnamon Cocktail Mix, Rose Silver Bubbly Spread or Strawberry Basil Bubbly Spread and Date Night Serum (Yes, we know its not a date, but we also know that dates are after all just excuses to look pretty, so why not cut to the chase, my friend? :P).

Nah? Something even better?
How about our authentic Recipe Menu Card Set? It is a set of 12 menu cards curated by Nafisa H. Kagalwala, the founder of the famous page, The Decadent Cook. These recipe cards are available in the categories of Indian, International, Vegetarian, Assorted and Cakes & Desserts. So, whatever your stomach craves for, you’ll find it all in here! Told you, we are mind readers. And for all the health conscious ones, we have Diabetes Friendly Recipes: Low Carb, Low Sugar. Each recipe is carefully planned by Dr. Shilpa Varma, a Clinical Nutritionist specialising in scientific diets.

And if, at the end of the day, you and your mom just want to sit back and sip on some amazing cocktails, well look no further! With our Cocktail Mixes, you can make some delicious cocktails; right from Pina Coladas to Sangrias! If we can’t go to the beaches, we’ll make the beaches come to us!

So, spend your Mother’s Day however you want to. But just ensure that you let your mother know just how precious she is to you. Let her know that she is very special. Let her know that even though it's been years, since you had scribbled ‘The best mom ever’ on that little piece of paper, you really, really meant it.

And we’ll just try and help you to add a little more charm to that emotion with our beautifully curated & packaged gift boxes. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and single fathers out there!

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