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Sustainable + Eco Friendly Gifting Guide!

Eco Friendly Gifting Guide

With so much changing around in the world so simultaneously, we often forget to stop and appreciate what we already have. Amongst this chaos, often a lot of us find peace in what Mother Earth has to provide us; a mellow breeze, a shadow of a tree, a happy blue sky, rain after a hot day, petrichor after that rain and so many more little things. And to thank the earth for all it provides us, Earth Day is celebrated all around the world on the 22nd of April. On this day, a billion people every year, come together, to commemorate this day as a day of action to change human behaviour and create global, national and local policy.

Earth Day is widely recognised as the largest secular observance in the world.
It’s a way of contributing small things that reverberate into bigger changes.
And we at The Style Salad contribute to this cause as well, but in style!

Take our Eco Friendly Gift Box, for example. It has all things pretty and no things that harm the environment. Right from bamboo straws to plantable pencils to banana fibre notebooks, this box has it all.

- Write, because Mother Nature wants you to!

Are you someone who loves to have a journal with them at all times but hates to
waste pages because in the background of every wasted page you see millions of trees being cut? If you are that person then we have the perfect solution for you.  Write away those pretty thoughts, those amazing sketches and anything and everything that your heart wants in our Banana Fiber Persian Blue Notebook. No trees were harmed in the making of this book. So, put your conscience to a little ease and write away, my friend!

- Pretty Little Things

If you are team #LoveToLoveNature then count us in too! Because we bring to you
our Coconut Shell Bowl. You can use it like any other bowl and let's face it, it looks amazingly chic!

And if you want to pour some Pina Colodas in that coconut shell bowl, and enjoy this summer in a fun yet responsible way, sip away with our  technicolour stainless steel reusable straws!

Also, in this carefully curated eco-friendly box, you will find a 100% Natural Cork Card Holder.  A card case for when you want to switch your wallet for an easier, lighter accessory that fits just about everything necessary. With 6 slots for cards and some cash. So now you can hold all your cards safely knowing that they are all, truly in the hands of nature.

In this box we also provide you the natural and sustainable alternative to all that single-use plastic wrap or cling film with three Beeswax Food Wraps. Talk about storing food in style, eh?

- Write a thought, plant a seed.

Thinking about what to do with a pencil once you are done using it? Well, we say,
plant a tree! In this box, we give you four Plantable Pencils OR three Plantable Pens with a variety of seeds ranging right from Chili, sunflower, coriander, methi and more.

- A bath of a lifetime

Just like your mind, your skin needs a break from your hectic schedule as well. Indulge yourself in a bath that'll definitely count as an experience with our Coffee and Sesame Oil Body ScrubIts sand-like texture will exfoliate your skin deeply and will leave your skin feeling fresh and happy.

The earth is the one thing we have in common, so let’s take care of it together. Pick our eco-friendly gift box  or custom build your own sustainable gift box from a wide range of organic products made with zero waste to give to someone. We assure you, they’ll love it!

Happy Shopping!

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