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Wear A Promise

Wear a Promise

When we find a brand that we believe in and love and support, nothing excites us more than introducing their products on our website and sharing the wealth! This week we are highlighting NIMAI! The makers behind our favourite new keepsake and a very special piece of jewellery, The Promise Bangle.

Inception of the Promise Bangle

Since NIMAI’s inception in 2013, the founder - Pooja Roy Yadav envisioned a platform where people and purpose, business and soul connect over a mutual love for jewellery. A space where jewellery is not experienced merely as an ornament but as an instrument of Hope, Change and Promise.

Promise, the most used and abused word. How often do you promise? How often are you promised? They are all meant to be broken, right? What if we got people to commit to a Promise, would it be a Promise then? – This thought inspired NIMAI to create their very first product aptly titled PROMISE.

NIMAI and Laxmi

“He threw acid on my face, not my dreams” – Laxmi.

Insistent on making their commitment stronger is what lead them to Laxmi, a victim of an acid attack at the age of 15. Laxmi is not a victim rather a fighter. She is a torchbearer who encouraged many survivors to finally break their silence on the ills of acid attack. One would expect her to be sad with what life has thrown her way. But the Laxmi Pooja knows, laughs heartily, loves clicking selfies, talks non stop and dreams of travelling the world. Today, she is a friend, a role model and a woman who has given purpose to NIMAI and NIMAI’s Promise!

With the launch of PROMISE bangle, NIMAI is publicly promising support to Laxmi. They are committed towards spreading global awareness on her victories. Each month, 3% of the sales will go towards fulfilling her dreams of a brighter future.

About the PROMISE bangle and how it works 

The PROMISE bangle is a fashion forward band with a secret compartment to store a hand written vow. It is priced at INR 2990/- and is available in gold, rose gold and black tints (brass and copper with polish). The bangle will be sold in gift ready boxes that will also contain a pencil and a paper parchment to help write a vow.

We at The Style Salad, are all about, supporting special causes and subtle keepsake pieces that become a part of your daily uniform, and now we've got the perfect addition to our Toss Up Your Own section for you to custom build your own box!!

Picture Courtesy - Wear a Promise Nimai / Instagram 


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