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1 Year and counting!

1 year and counting!

The Style Salad Custom Gifts

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of The Style Salad !!! Cannot believe it has been a whole year since we hit the launch button and The Style Salad went live!!

The last 365 days have been filled with nothing but passion, excitement, hard work, creativity and a lot of fun! As we turn 1, we’re looking back and celebrating the milestones and memories that happened along the way - From tying up with incredibly talented vendors, exciting collaborations, servicing our wonderful loyal and new customers, organically growing on social media, bagging corporate biggies, being featured in top newspapers and magazines, it has truly been an incredible and magical year of growth, learning, challenges, experiences, mixed emotions and paper cuts on our hands 24/7!

From being two high school girls building castles in the air, to women who have turned their dreams into reality, we only hope to get bigger and better and put more smiles on faces with every gift box from The Style Salad !

SO much love and gratitude to our family and friends, who have offered endless support and guidance, backed us constantly and given us so much positive energy. We do this because of you and we definitely couldn’t do it without you !!

Our mission is simple, developing no fuss user experiences that enable our customers to gift well and give often to the people in their lives that matter most.

So here's to spreading more smiles and to many more birthdays!

Thank you again for being an incredible part of our journey. 


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