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Turning Corporate Gifting up a notch!

Turning Corporate Gifting up a notch!

Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is definitely not as easy as you may think! In fact it can be quite tricky because the company/sender may end up spending a fortune on the gifts, but the recipient may render it useless due to lack of utility or dislike.

On one hand, you want to give a gift that best represents your company and on the other, you want it to be beautiful, meaningful and utilitarian and above all, you definitely do not want it to be cast aside! Corporate Gifting has become such a dilemma, the person assigned the task of coming up with gifts is nearly always at a loss for unique ideas, and the giftee always ends up with the same mundane gifts. 

Don’t sweat, because we are here to help! At The Style Salad, we believe gifting has to take a serious place in the planning diary for the year

Whether you’re a newbie or have been around for years, we love sourcing unique products that help capture the essence of your company in every gift we curate. When it comes to recognising your employees’ hard work and efforts, felicitating partners and clients on their special days and celebrations or give aways for a big conference your company maybe hosting, our dedicated team at The Style Salad HQ has got you covered!

The process is simple : 

1. You give us a budget and a theme.

2. We send you a proposal.

3. Once you give us your approval, we get to work on sourcing, fulfillment, shipping, all while keeping you in the loop.

4. Within a matter of weeks, we can ship out an order that is uniquely yours, from the hand-selected products to the tasteful branding elements (including logos, collateral, and even private label).

One quick peek into our curations will convince you that we can turn grief into joy! You’ll see a set of beautifully curated gift ideas that any gifter would love to give, any giftee would love to receive! 

Custom Corporate Gifts

Custom Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifting

As you will see, The Style Salad does not conform to the conventional gifting catalogue.  We are a trendy, hip and stylish company sourcing unique products from across India, a few pieces at a time. 

So say goodbye to mundane gifts and hello to beautifully curated custom boxes by The Style Salad!

Need help with Corporate Gifting? Contact us at to get started !


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