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All things New!

New products’ alert!!
This blog is about… product.
And we know that you are eager to know what they are.
So, we’ll get straight to the point.

The Style Salad is super pleased to make your acquaintance with our latest and most dazzling products. 

First, meet our Shell Face Mask Case.
Tending to the need of the hour, these face mask cases help you store your mask safely rather than having to resort to hanging it by the wrist or keeping it at possibly contaminated surfaces. What's more is that they are super cute! (It's a TSS product, what else did you expect anyway?)

Our Confectionery Storage Box is waiting to be stuffed with stuff that you want to stuff in your mouth! (Word play much? :P)
Equipped with a pull-down slot, this pretty yet sturdy box is large enough to store all your favourite snacks in it. Lend your kitchen shelf a chique look by adding this box to it. 

And while we are at the topic of adding 'chic' to various corners of your house, we might as well introduce you to our Regal Polka Tall Mug, Regal Polka Round Mug, Oxford Cake Cutlery, Coffee Mini Serving Trays and Quirky Crew Bar Towels

Golden polka dots on white, makes your table pretty and bright!
The Regal Polka Tall and Round Mugs make a perfect gifting option for any occasion. Drink your favourite beverage in these regal 24 karat gold plated mugs.
That’s right, the polka dots are golden for reasons other than making the cup look like the prettiest thing on this planet. :P
These mugs will spruce up any place they occupy.

Moving over to the cutlery section of the kitchen, the Oxford Cake Cutlery will literally add glitter to your cake table. Handcrafted in brass and stainless steel by our master artisans, each product is moulded and engraved keeping in mind the intricate details that define the beauty of the product. 

The Coffee Mini Serving Trays and Quirky Crew Bar Towels are exactly as their names suggest.
They are cute and they give your kitchen that extra pop of colour and quirk that it needs.  

The next room is probably everyone’s favourite room.
The room that we wake up as well as drift off into sleep.
It’s the place where each of us, after a long day of work, want to just come back and chill.
It’s the bedroom!
And The Style Salad has just the things that will help you feel calm and relaxed.
Each of the candles in our assortment of fragrance candles come not only with a serene and sweet smell, but also come with special written notes for all the colours of your mood.
We have a candle for every scandal!

To add on to your relaxation, we have the Meadow Pillow Mist.
Spray some of it on your pillow and feel yourself drift into sleep as the sweet smell of lemon citronella and white jasmine carry you to a place where all is good. 

At last, we arrive at the wardrobe.
Our Round Sling Bag/Clutch and Box Sling Bag/Clutch will definitely add to your style statement. These very trend looking bags are fashionable, sturdy and 100% handcrafted. Add them to your collection now!
Among other pretty things to add to your wardrobe would be our Charm Bracelet Bunch and the Unicorn Necklace. They make perfect paramours with all dresses.

Is that all we have?
We have barely scratched the surface.
There are so many new products that we introduce regularly. Follow us on our Instagram handle so that you can know what pretty thing is up for grabs on TSS. 

But for now we leave it at this.
Because we know that your curiosity will lead you to all the other fantastic products that we have.

Until then, we’ll be lying in wait, ready to deliver your bundle of TSS happiness :) 

Happy Shopping!

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