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Diwali Diaries

There are various stories about the origin of the festival of Diwali.

But one thing certainly remains the same; the story of Diwali in a regular Indian household.
This story generally starts with your house being lit up with the dim lights of various colours of fairy lights and lanterns. The soft light of TSS’s String Lights decorating your balcony, the Nalini Floating Candle Set floating ecstatically in a glass bowl filled with water in the living room and the Lotus of Light candle sitting majestically in the middle of the centre table adorn your entire house.

The rangoli that you prepared all afternoon, wearing the diyas you placed on it, gleaming beautifully. Perhaps they are TSS’s Boat Terracotta Diyas made by local artisans.

On the table, there are various sweets and snacks, all your favourite; the Assorted Crunches, Artisanal Dark Chocolate With Paan, Kulfi Cashew, Thandai Almonds and Peri Peri Cashew! Maybe they are kept in our Almond/Walnut Box?
Lip smacking, right? 

Anyway, with utmost difficulty you take your eyes off of the snacks and head towards the temple in the house because your mom is calling you for Puja. There, in front of the pictures and statues of the idols that you put your faith in, the Swastik Lamp emits a positive vibe in the entire house.

Pretty nice story, isn’t it?

But it doesn’t end here.
Diwali is the festival of light but also it is the festival of gifts!
Gift your loved ones our special festive gift boxes.
You have the Elixir Gift Box, the Festive Gift Box, the Festive Bling Gift Box, the Festive Pop Gift Box, the Going Nuts Gift Box, the Gold Rush Gift Box, the Rhapsody Pop Gift Box, the Royal Blend Gift Box, the Taash Party Gift Box and so many more gift boxes and items to choose from.
Each of the gift boxes contain an assortment of jovial goodies that will appeal to that Diwali-loving heart of yours so very much! 

The Style Salad knows that whatever is your festive story, it is going to be beautiful!
We are just here to add a little bit more spark to that joy.
The Style Salad wishes you and your family a healthy and safe Diwali.

Love & Light! 

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