World Autism Day - Help us help them!

We at The Style Salad have partnered with Kairassi, an NGO that aims at promoting art by differently-abled artists. Kairassi empowers their artists through guided workshops and curated art exhibits in the hopes of providing each individual at Kairassi with an independent source of income.

This World Autism Day (April 2nd 2018), we have curated a very special gift box for charity. The gift box comes with merchandise sourced from several NGO’s in India. On World Autism Day we hope to spread awareness about autism, and endeavour to assist other NGO’s in their crusade for change and inclusivity.

World Autism Day Awareness - Charity Gift Box by The Style Salad

Below are the details of the NGO’s and their products featured in our gift box

1. AADI (Action for Ability Development & Inclusion), New Delhi: Is an NGO that aims at providing people with disabilities with equitable access to opportunities and service.

Product - House Pen Stand with a mini note pad and set of 8 coasters.

2. Yein Udaan (My Takeoff), Chennai: Is an NGO that works towards development of underprivileged children, by providing them with academic and extracurricular training.  

Product - Food Picks

3. Love Earth: Is an initiative that provides safe, handmade and chemical free products for a happy life and happy home. Love Earth is owned by the orphanageGurukal Parmarth Aashram and gives financial and moral aid to the children. All the manufacturing of the products is done in the Aashram. The children are provided with meals and are sent to school.

Product - Neem Oil Agarbatti

4. Kairassi (loosely translating to “lucky hands”): An NGO that aims at unearthing artists who are differently-abled.

Product - Notebook (Print on the notebook is a painting by one of Kairassi's Artists)

Show us some love and support by helping us help them!

The Style Salad does not retain any kind of profit on this box. All proceeds go directly towards the relevant NGO's , to aid them in their purpose towards empowering of their community.

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