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Little yoga a day, keeps the doctors at bay!

International Yoga Day

Did you know, Yoga is over 5,000 years old. In fact, yoga is amongst the six schools of philosophy in Hinduism, and is also a major part of Buddhism and its meditation practices. However, Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul. 

Yoga was originally practiced as a form of healing. But in the last few years, Yoga has come up as a very popular form of well-being. Many people have adapted it as a lifestyle practice because of its numerous benefits.

And because we always provide the things that trend, The Style Salad brings to you a range of accessories for yoga and meditation that will help you lead a healthier life, but in style!

Stylish chic yoga pants comfortable

Often, a lot of people are unaware that meditation and yoga are not the same things. While Meditation involves the pursuit of mental stability, yoga involves both physical and mental exercise. Meditation can, therefore, be considered a part of the yoga lifestyle.

In these stressful times, trying meditation can really help.
And if you are planning to do so, we have just the things for you.
First, to set the mood, we have Mahika Incense Sticks. These incense sticks burn into a sweet, soul nurturing scent that will make you feel calm and relaxed from within.

Moving further, our Meditation Mat gives you the perfect ground and a powerful medium to enhance the virtues of meditation and brings to you nature’s most natural element to enrich your journey to mindfulness. It is made of naturally seasoned teak wood and will be the ultimate partner for you in your journey.

We also have a Relaxation Eye Pillow which is a great prop for relaxations like Yoga Nidra, and meditation. It is filled with organic flax seeds and dried lavender, which contours to the face perfectly and helps relieve tension.

Meditating increases self-awareness and allows us to look at stressful situations in a better way. It increases our patience and tolerance and helps us to focus in the present rather than fret about the future or be stuck in the past.
So many benefits, why not give it a whirl girl?

We are strong believers of style in everything and Yoga is no exception to it!
Meet our ButtR Yoga Pants. They are made from ocean waste that has been recycled. They are moisture-wicking, squat-proof and high-compression. These pants have side-pockets so you don’t have to worry about where you have kept what and provide unrestricted movement so that your Yoga time sees no hindrances.

Next, meet our super-awesome collection of Yoga Mats. We have the Galaxy Vishwa Yoga Mat and the Cosmos Yoga Mat. Both very comfortable and chic!
But wait, carrying the mat around in your hands sounds very clumsy.
What do you do?
We’ll tell you what. Get our very trendy Macrame Yoga Mat Straps or get our Inhale Exhale / Stretch Your Limbs Yoga Mat Bag (or get both, that’s an option too! Then you can switch your look as per your mood). The best thing about these are not only pretty but are also functional.

If you go to community Yoga places, you might often be provided with yoga mats there itself. However, these yoga mats may be rough and cause you to blister and bruise. Well not anymore! With our Transform Yoga Towels, you will no longer be required to practice on those unhygienic community mats or worry about slipping due to sweat. These towels are made of sweat absorbent material which makes them a perfect partner on your Yoga sessions.

Yoga and meditation have so many benefits; they help ease depression, tackle anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, improve the immune system, reduce weight, give you better orgasms (yes, you read that right) and even help improve the cognitive functioning of patients with schizophrenia.

Here’s another fun fact, there are close to one billion #yoga posts on Instagram!

So what are you waiting for? Slip on a pair of ButtR pants, grab our super chic mats and transform towels and get ready to stretch those limbs in all directions!

Include Yoga and meditation in your daily life today because remember, a little yoga everyday keeps the doctors at bay!
And whenever you start doing it, your style consultants will be ready for you :)

Until then, NaMooseStay! (Do Yoga, you’ll get the pun then :P) 

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