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Love at frost sight!

Ho Ho Ho!

It’s the season of the big fat old man clad in his infamous red and white suit!

And while as kids we would sleep with one eye open, waiting for Santa to walk into our room and fill our sock with that one gift that we had our eyes on the entire year, as adults, the charm of Christmas had slowly worn off. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way this year. With our amazing range of Christmas goodies, let TSS be your Santa Claus! Or better yet, if you are planning on giving somebody a Christmas gift, The Style Salad can help you be known as the Santa with the best gifts! 

What is Christmas without pretty decor and family and friends gathering together, having a merry time? Our Christmas Eve Candles, Christmas Hanging Decorative LED Lights, Bauble Decor Set, Christmas Cupcake Napkin, Ho Ho Ho Cushion Cover, Santa’s Favorite Cushion Cover and Snowflake LED Lights will make sure that your house is ready to welcome the Christmas festivities. The candles can go on the side and center tables, the napkin can give the dining table a vibrant look, the cushion covers can make sure that your sofa is christmas ready, and the lights can adorn the walls and the christmas tree while the bauble decor can hang from the branches of the christmas tree, reminding everyone that indeed, Christmas is here. 

Now to the crucial part; the food.
Everyone knows that Christmas is all cute munchies and sweets. Bring home our Chocolate Mendients, Cranberry Dragees and Milk Almond Dragees, Ginger Cookies, Jammer Cookies and T’s Chocolate Cookies and our Hot Chocolate Mixes. Made with the finest chocolates, our Chocolate Mendients will melt into your mouth immediately! And nutty cookies or dragees paired with hot chocolate literally define Christmas!

Imagine. The winters have come. You are sitting in your favorite sweater in your house, which is looking very pretty by the way (thanks to your amazing picks from TSS’s decorative selection).Your friends have come over. They are sitting around a table. In front of each of them, is a cup of piping hot chocolate. In the center, two plates filled with cookies and two bowls filled with dragees are there. You are laughing and just having a merry time.
A merry Christmas indeed!

These are the gifts you buy for yourself, for your own happiness.
But if you are also looking to spread happiness, as is the essence of Christmas, TSS has just one thing to say; I’ll be there for you <3 

Christmas Campfire Gift Box, Cozy Vibes Gift Box, HO HO HO! Gift Box, Holiday Cheer Gift Box, LIT Christmas, Polka X’Mas, Winter Wonderland Gift Box, Tis’ The Season Gift Box, Sweet Apple Pie Gift Box, Very Berry Christmas Gift Box and even Personalized Christmas Special Gift Boxes for kids and adults

Besides the gift boxes, we also have goodies like the Snowflake Necklace, Star Charm Necklace, Stockings Coaster Set, Winter Amber Hand Cream, Winter Amber Hand Wash, Warm Wishes Shower Gel/Body Lotion, Tea Party Socks, Mini Christmas Soaps, Serendipity Tea, Polka Red Wine Glasses, Free Spirit White Tea, DIY Cakes, Cookies & Brownies Mixes, How Holiday Smells Hand Cream and just so many more other things.

Phew! So many options to choose from!
It is like being a kid who has just walked into a huge candy shop, with candies stacked in shelves from the floor to the ceiling, gaping at them with an open mouth, wondering which one to choose! 

For once, let yourself be that kid!

The Style Salad wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas! 

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