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One Stop Gifting Solution

We believe that gifts adorn any occasion.

Actually, we believe that gifts actually have the power to turn a mundane day into a day a cherished one.

That being said, we know how tiring it is to skim around the internet in search of the perfect gift for every occasion, every mood.
But what if we told you that there is indeed a place that has a gifting solution for every occasion?

At The Style Salad, you will not only find a variety of gift boxes and products for an occasion, but you will also find gifts for a multitude of occasions.
We have gifts for Birthdays, gifts for Anniversaries, gifts for all Tea Lovers, gifts for all the pretty Bride To Be’s, gifts for all mothers and to-be-mothers and fathers and so much more.

Gifts for all occasions

We all have our good days and bad days. On some days, it is easier to get over the dull, sinking feeling but on some days, we all need that extra push. Let that extra push be wrapped in an elegant TSS box and be delivered right at your doorstep! The Boss Lady Gift Box and Hustle II Gift Box are filled with goodies that are all things bright and motivational.
In the Boss Lady Gift Box, you will find Boss Babe Pencils, Caper Insulated Tumbler, Love Pen Lipstick and a Weekly Planner. In the Hustle II box you will get All Things Monday Chocolate Bar, a Weekly Planner and Gold Binder Clips, among a few more things (Go check them out yourself!). 

Or on the flip side, if you are looking to get a break from your super busy schedule, then TSS has the Bedside Gift Box for you. With Foot Hydration Socks, Meadow Pillow Mist, Mini Jade Facial Massage Beauty Roller, Scripted Happiness Gratitude Journal, a Soothe the Soul Candle and a few other things, this Gift Box will take you to a place of tranquility, calm and relaxation.

However, if you are looking to really go somewhere than just metaphorically, the Jet Set Gift Box comes with all things that you will need for an over-the-weekend trip. It has an Acai Berry Face Mask, Lavender Mint Soap, Set of 3 Lingerie Bags and  much more.

If you or your friends or family are either Tea Lovers or Coffee Lovers, TSS promises you that they will love our Tea Love Gift Box or But First, Coffee Gift Box. Addiction would not be rewarded in a better way! 

Trouble deciding a gift for ‘him’?
Don’t worry, the Dapper Man Gift Box is the answer to all your prayers! :P
With a handsome assortment of things that are a go-to for any man, this box is ideal for any guy  who is impossible to shop for.

Have a baby shower invite but don’t know what to take with you?
Here’s where TSS comes to the rescue.
We have an array of goodies like baby milestone cards, baby accessories, Baby toys, adorable bibs, booties, onesies to choose from. There are gifts for to-be-mothers, for baby girls and for baby boys. 

For Birthdays, we have the Birthday Gift Box that includes the most adorable decorative cake or cupcake candle.
For Anniversaries or weddings, we have the Crazy Duo Gift Box with his & hers essentials. 
For the side of you that appeals to eco-friendly products, we have the Au Naturale Gift Box with reusable sustainable products sourced consciously. 

So many gifts to choose from!
At one point the occasions fall short against the gifting options don’t they? :P Nah, Just kidding! No one really needs a reason to send or receive gifts!

Needless to say, this list barely scratches the surface of the goodies that TSS has to offer.
Explore for yourself, my friend!

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