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Baby essentials checklist for new & to-be moms!

Baby Essentials for New Moms!

Excited to meet your little bundle of joy?


At TheStyleSalad we understand that welcoming a new member into your family can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Even the most organised parents to be can feel intimidated, thinking they missed out on something that the baby may need. But let us remind you of something – This is absolutely normal! 

Here's where TheStyleSalad’s baby products checklist comes in handy. This is the perfect guide to ensure you are armed and have all that you need.

Document your journey    

A picture is worth a thousand words – Henrik Ibsen 

While Mr. Ibsen isn’t entirely wrong, he did leave out the joy of combining both – words and pictures. Bump to baby journal is your buddy if you wish to record your 40-week magical journey of bringing your baby into the world. Record your transformation of becoming a mother to forever cherish those memories. 

From photographs of your new experiences to writing secret letters for your baby, from pictures of your sonography tests to playing fun quizzes with your husband, TheStyleSalad’s bump to baby journal will strengthen your bond with your baby, even before you get to hold and caress your little one. 

Take care of their toys and feeding materials

While a rattle is best for your baby’s amusement and improving their hand-eye coordination, a pacifier comes in handy when you want to set a nursing routine. TheStyleSalad’s sterling silver rattle and pacifier combo is perfect if you want to get the benefits of both.

Invest in a silver-plated baby cup to feed your baby with the much-needed nutrients. This anti-tarnish- able baby cup is coated with a high micron plate, to make it appropriate for long term use.

Talking about feeding, don’t miss out on the combo of sterling silver rattle and a majestic curve feeding spoon. The curve of this spoon helps you maintain a steady grip. 

Add comfort with protection

A day without a nap is like a cupcake without frosting – Terri Guillemets

With your baby (up to 3 months of age) needing 14 hours of sleep, this statement is even more impactful. Thus, making sure that you create a peaceful environment while your baby is napping should be your priority.

Invest in an anti-bacterial bed sheet to provide your baby with a comfortable sleep while keeping him/her safe. This cellulosic fiber-made bedsheet comes in sea world as well in all heart print to choose from. 

Style their wardrobe with love

You're already smiling thinking how adorable your cupcake will look in a cute little outfit, aren’t you?

So, let’s make this dream of yours reality with TheStyleSalad’s clothing, which can be washed easily at home.  

Made with 100% cotton blue and white stripe overalls are casual romper with crisscross suspenders. This romper also provides easy access for changing diapers with snap fastening clips at the bottom. 

You can also check out TheStyleSalad’s flutter sleeve onesie, which you could pair with skirts as well as leggings. Both of these come in size for a baby of up to 12 months.

Feel proud of their little achievements & milestones

The first time is always extra special! With TheStyleSalad’s baby milestone cards you can capture all those firsts to cherish forever. Their first smile, the first time they hold your finger in their fist, their first hug, the first time they listen to your favourite song, all of this can last forever with this set of baby milestone cards, which you can fill with your emotions in the form of your words.

Mom and baby special

Did you think we'd leave out pampering the baby’s favourite person? Of course not!

The Style Salad brings you gift boxes specially curated to celebrate the bond between new mom and her newborn. The mom and baby box includes immunity booster turmeric latte, baby booties, baby bib, teddy rattle, polka dot swaddle, and natural stretch oil. Thus, making it a perfect baby shower gift for your sisters and friends, who are expecting.

While for a post-birth gift, you can opt for our gender-specific gift box – it’s a girl or it’s a boy. These boxes include organic muslin swaddle, natural stretch oil for the mom, a set of 3 baby storage/ accessory bags, and a mini plushie for the baby's crib. 

It's a Boy Gift for new born baby

Happy shopping!   

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